Q: Can I order a show lead with my own specifications?
A: Yes of course! Use my form to send me a request.

Q: Is there any limitations regarding to colors, lengths, beads etc?
A: You can choose a maximum of four leather colors. Any length can be made. With or without beads. Usually I use two sets of beads (standard beads) or one set of beads (artisan beads).

Q: Is it possible to see all available beads? Are they heavy??
A: I don’t have pictures of all my standard beads, there are thousands of beads so it is just not possible. You can describe what you want (solid colors, bling etc) or check in my Facebook albums on previously made leads if you find anything you like. All handmade glass beads are listed here on the website. These beads are in genereal heavier than the standard beads, and that is the main reason why to use only one set. Standard beads are available in a lot of different materials, glass, plastick, metal etc. If you would like light weight beads, please let me know if you go ahead and place a special order.

Q: What is fringes?
A: A lot of people (myself included) doesn’t use the handle anyway. The fringe ending is just a decoration. But of course, you can have a finger loop or handle ending on your lead!

Q: What is the difference between diamond pattern and spiral pattern?
A: On this page you can visually see the difference!

Q: What is an accent color?
A: This is when the lead is made in 75% one color and 25% another color. Here you can see some examples!


Q: Can I have the lead with gold snap or in another length/thickness?
A: No, not at the moment.


Q: Which colors can I choose from? How many colors can I choose?
A: On this page you can find all colors I have in stock. Narrow collars can be made in 1, 2 or 3 colors. Wide collars can be made in 1 or 2 colors.

Q: Is the fringes mandatory?
A: No, I can make the collar with just a knot in the martingale part – just let me know when you order.


Q: Can I have any design I want?
A: Yes as long as. the file is possoble to vectorize. I don’t make any products with photos on them.

Q: Do you have pictures of all breeds?
A: Probably not all breeds, but most breeds are possible to find. Just send me a message and I will investigate!


Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: About a week until shipment, as long as I have the product in stock..

Q: Can I have another symbol? Another font? Another text color?
A: Probably yes – send me a message before you order and I’ll have a look at it!

Q: What is the difference between glass baubles and plastick baubles (except the material of course)?
A: Glass baubles are much higher quality than plastic baubles. On plastic baubles there is always a joint.

Q: Can I have the names on both sides?
A: Yes, but contact me first before you place an order.


Q: Which payment options do you offer?
A: Card payment (by Stripe) or PayPal.